Subrogation Claim Services

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Subrogation Services

United Subrogation Associates offers extraordinary subro claim recovery services, arbitration services, and subrogation claim management.

We offer subrogation management and claim recovery services nationally and internationally for insurance companies, trucking companies, municipalities, and other businesses.

Our subrogation services include experienced attorneys able to file suit on your behalf if reasonable settlement procedures fail to produce the recovery you expect. Our licensed adjusters and subrogation professionals are continuously trained in the most current collection laws throughout the United States. All assignments are handled in compliance with the Federal Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA).

Our firm has the experienced staff to handle all your subrogation needs including carrier-to-carrier subrogation, arbitration, litigation, and uninsured claim recoveries. We provide Arbitration services through our team of experienced arbitration professionals for all our clients who are members of the “Arbitration Forum”. We are proven industry leaders in arbitration recovery rates and amounts.

Our enhanced and leading technology produce exceptional results to our clients with minimum recovery cycles. Our secure online portal allows you 24/7 access to your files and access to our professional subrogation staff. We provide our clients with the necessary training to teach and guide you through our user-friendly and secure case management system. Clients have access to their files, log notes, payments, and details of their claims. Our clients may also choose to interact with one of our professional staff members using real time online interaction.

Experience, superior technology, unparalleled security protection, and exceptional service we provide to our clients will make the difference between exceptional successful recoveries with our firm or business as usual with other subrogation agencies.