Disaster Recovery

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UNITED SUBROGATION ASSSOCIATES is committed to providing the best possible business experience to its clients and the best possible relationships with all business entities involved with our recovery and legal services. To ensure the consistent, secure, and reliable recovery services, UNITED SUBROGATION ASSOCIATES has developed a business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) policy in support of a comprehensive program for BC, DR and overall business survivability.

UNITED SUBROGATION ASSOCIATES, like any other firm, is exposed to potential risks that could disrupt or destroy critical business functions and/or the production and delivery of Company services. Our strategy for continuing business in the event of an incident is to ensure the safety and security of all documents, data, and other secure information; and to continue critical business functions, production and delivery of services from predefined alternative sites.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the BC/DR policy is to ensure that all Company business activities can be kept at normal or near-normal performance immediately following an incident that has the potential to disrupt or destroy the Company’s client data bases. The scope of this policy is the entire Company, its clients, data bases, offices and employees.

Statement of Policy

Each department, including our legal department, is responsible for preparing current and comprehensive business continuity plans (BCP) for its files. Certain departments are also responsible for disaster recovery plans (DRP) to ensure that any damage or disruptions to critical files can be quickly minimized and that these files can be restored to normal or near-normal operation as quickly as possible.

When a plan is completed, approved and implemented, each plan will include procedures and support agreements which ensure on-time availability and delivery of required recovery services and client access to claims. Each plan must be certified annually with the business continuity policy compliance process through the BC/DR Team and our legal staff.

UNITED SUBROGATION ASSOCIATES recognizes the importance of an active and fully supported BC/DR program to ensure the safety, accessibility and continued availability of claim information of its clients and the production and delivery of quality services for our clients. UNITED SUBROGATION ASSOCIATES requires the commitment of each employee, department and vendor in support of the activities required to protect Company assets, mission and survivability.

Verification of Policy Compliance

BC/DR compliance verification is managed by the UNITED SUBROGATION ASSOCIATES BC/DR Team with support from other relevant internal departments. Each plan must define appropriate procedures, staffing, tools and workplace planning activities necessary to meet compliance requirements. Plan emergency templates have been developed to facilitate the plan development process, and these templates shall be used for all plans.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Our commitment and goal for our Clients is for the continued business access of all our Client’s subrogation claims and data in the event of a catastrophic incident and to ensure the safety and security of all documents, data, and other secure information.