About United Subrogation Associates

About Subrogation Associates

Founded in 1988, United Subrogation Associates is a national and international subrogation recovery firm. Our firm has become among the most successful and respected subrogation recovery firms in the country. United Subrogation Associates has a proven record of maximizing your subrogation recovery in the shortest industry recovery cycles.

United Subrogation Associates utilizes proprietary case management software created especially for use by our collection professionals to ensure the most productive, secure, and efficient claim processing. Our professional staff include licensed adjusters, attorneys, and experienced subrogation professionals with extraordinarily strong and significant experience with the insurance and subrogation industry. Our experience staff of professionals have the perspective and the dedication to manage your subrogation claims with the highest industry standards.

Our clients have online access 24/7 to all their claims assigned with our firm. Clients have the capacity to review the progress of their claims and access reports directly through our secure online access protocol. The convenience of client access and monitoring of all claims and the ability to receive monthly progress reports from United Subrogation Associates puts our firm above and beyond the services offered by others.

United Subrogation Associates has the technology and professional staff to handle high volume of claims and data securely and efficiently. With the highest standards in the industry, we offer unparalleled data security to our clients. Our cost-effective and practical solutions to your subrogation needs is our primary goal for our clients. We maintain a strong resolve to recover your subrogation dollars through reasonable methods. However, we are also prepared to take matter to trial if reasonable settlements cannot be obtained and reasonable recoveries cannot be negotiated for our clients.

We offer a full range of subrogation services including arbitration through our exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable arbitration professionals.

Contact us to discuss the advantages of using our exceptional resources, experienced professionals, and superior technological advances of United Subrogation Associates and compare our services and proven results with the outcomes of the subrogation agency you are currently using.