Colorado Subrogation Service

Colorado Subrogation Claim Experts

Our Colorado Subrogation attorneys are your resource center for recovery. We have elite, well trained, and experienced professionals with a proven recovery strategy for the insurance industry and self-insured companies.
Our promise to our clients – UNITED SUBROGATION ASSOCIATES will maximize your representation & recovery using superior technological methods, provide the highest standard of security, and utilize the most experienced and skilled personnel in the industry.

U.S. Subrogation AttorneysSuccessful Colorado subrogation agents & recovery specialists since 1988, Our firm has continuously improved its technology by investing in the latest technological advances available in the subrogation industry. Our investments in software and client security has increased the recovery rates in our firm to some of the highest rates of return in the subrogation industry.


In addition to our industry leading subrogation services, United Subrogation Associates offers all our clients the option to utilize our successful Arbitration Filing Services. Our staff of experience arbitration professionals will process your arbitration claims promptly and accurately. Our success rates for favorable arbitration results are the best in the industry. Our arbitration professionals use custom and specialized databases with continuously updated legal and industry information and case law resulting in superior results for our clients.

We offer Colorado subrogation management and claim recovery services nationally and internationally for insurance companies, trucking companies, municipalities, and other businesses.

Subrogation Claim Experts

Our Colorado subrogation services include experienced attorneys able to file suit on your behalf if reasonable settlement procedures fail to produce the recovery you expect. Our licensed adjusters and subrogation professionals are continuously trained in the most current collection laws throughout the United States. All assignments are handled in compliance with the Federal Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA).

Our enhanced and leading technology produce exceptional results to our clients with minimum recovery cycles. Our secure online portal allows you 24/7 access to your files and access to our professional subrogation staff. We provide our clients with the necessary training to teach and guide you through our user-friendly and secure case management system. Clients have access to their files, log notes, payments, and details of their claims. Our clients may also choose to interact with one of our professional staff members using real time online interaction.

Experience, superior technology, unparalleled security protection, and exceptional service we provide to our clients will make the difference between exceptional successful recoveries with our firm or business as usual with other subrogation agencies.